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Listing of Currently Serving Directors of the Club

Scot Benneweis, SO and NRA RSO, sbenneweis@tcactionshooting.com is currently serving as Chair of the Board of Directors through March 31, 2023. As chair, Scot oversees and coordinates all operations of the club and is responsible for chairing the BoD and membership meetings. Scot is primarily a Glock shooter and is a MM in CDP and an SS in SSP and ESP.

Stewart Thompson, SO sthompson@tcactionshooting.com is the Administration Director and also serves as a lead Match Director. Stew handles match registration, scoring, membership, classification records, and makes our website updates. He is serving through March 31, 2022. Stew is a 6 Gun Sharpshooter.

Brent Pack, SO and NRA RSO bpack@tcactionshooting.com is serving as our Lead Match Director. He is the primary Match Director for both winter and summer schedules, including our multigun matches. Brent is serving through March 31, 2022. Brent is a 5 Gun Sharpshooter.

Christie Autry, SO is the Finance Director and Secretary. She handles the club's funds, minutes and accounts and assures official records for tax and insurance purposes are properly and timely filed and maintained. Christie is serving through March 31, 2022. Christie is an SSP, ESP, CCP, and CDP Sharpshooter.

Clay Thompson, SO claythompson@tcactionshooting.com is the New Shooter/Safety Director. Clay will conduct the orientation and safety training of our new shooters/members and will be serving through March 31, 2023.

Chris Vandenberg, SO and NRA RSO cvandenberg@tcactionshooting.com is the club Equipment Director. Chris is focusing on range equipment, signage, safety and coordination of range maintenance and work days. Chris is serving through March 31, 2023. Chris is classified as a Master in BUG, and Expert in ESP, SSP, CDP, CCP, SSR, and ESR.

Russ Paumen, SO rpaumen@tcactionshooting.com is serving as a Director at Large. Russ is an Expert is SSP, CCP, BUG, and PCC. He is also a CDP, ESP, and CO Sharpshooter. Russ is serving through March 31, 2022.