Range Rules

We follow IDPA rules for all matches. Follow the instructions of the Safety Officers and understand the Match Director is the final authority on range rules and safety issues.
  1. We run a cold range. Guns may only be loaded on the firing line, under the direct supervision of a Safety Officer.
  2. All gun handling must be done in the designated safety areas.
  3. No lead or steel jacketed bullets may be used on an indoor range. 
  4. All first gun shooters must finish, before we allow second gun shooting. Second gun shooting requires adequate safety officers and range clean up after shooting.
  5. This is an all volunteer sport. Obey all range commands promptly. Be ready to shoot and help in any way you can to speed the match and assure everyone's safety. Absolutely no smoking, food or drink is allowed on the indoor range at Metro.

What To Bring

  1. A positive attitude and desire to learn.
  2. A properly working pistol or revolver, 9mm or 38 caliber or larger.
  3. A strong side holster that covers the entire trigger guard, no pocket, shoulder, appendix, or cross draw permitted.
  4. At least 150 rounds of jacketed ammunition.
  5. At least 3 magazines or speed loaders. 5 or more definitely preferred as it speeds the match.
  6. Please review the rules and send note before the match if you have questions on the rules. Examples include revolvers being limited to 4" barrels, external modifications being strictly limited on SSP guns like the Glock, etc. We can not allow you to use illegal equipment and the SOs will be checking equipment to assure it complies to the simple standards of the class gun you are shooting. New shooters may be permitted to use illegal equipment at the sole discretion of the Match Director if it judged safe to use, provides no competitive advantage and is remediated by the next match.