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Match Costs and Procedures

Summer(Monticello Sportsmen Club): Setup/Sign in starts at 8:00am. New shooter briefing at 8:00am. New shooters not arriving at 8:00am may forfeit their chance to shoot. Be ready to help set up. Not sure please ask; no training required to carry stuff, staple targets, etc.

Winter(Metro Gun Club): Sign in after 4:30pm.  Setup starts around 5:30 pm. New shooter briefing starts promptly at 5:00pm.

  Summer/Winter match costs for all shooters is $20. Shoot a second gun/division for an additional $10.

Carrying loaded guns onto any range or other serious safety infractions will result in immediate disqualification from the match, no exceptions. Arguing with a CSO or any unsportsmanlike conduct will also result in FTDR being assessed or disqualification. Any rulings can be appealed to the Match Director, whose ruling is final and may not be appealed.

All range and IDPA safety rules and signs must be observed! Listen to CSO instructions/directions.